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There are around 23000 domestic oil boilers within dorset, so rest assured there are always going to be some breakdowns.

We cater well for emergencies as we carry a large amount of spares in stock. Also If for some reason we have not got the part required we can usually create a temporary fix, if for example the weather is severe and doing without heat is not an option (safety allowing of course).

We will also get to you whatever the weather, with landrovers and snow chains at our disposal there is no property we cannot get to. Some of our properties require a 4wd to get to anyway, due to their locations!.

If your boiler breaks down then feel free to contact us, if you are one of our customers or not!, Give us a try.

From time to time your Appliance may unfortunately breakdown, sometimes there maybe no reason at all and it may be a one off occurrence, but usually there is a reason, before contacting me for a breakdown check the list below.

If all the above is ok and the boiler still does not fire then try pressing the "Lock out" button on the front of the burner within the outer casing. The boiler should attempt the ignition sequence, if this does not happen then call me, if it does happen but the boiler does not fire or fires then locks out then call me anyway, you need assistance!!.